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UniSort Unibot combines reliable sensor technology with modern robotics to further increase the efficiency of sorting facilities. Thereby, an AI-based recognition software ensures precise detection and a new sorting principle ensures a pure plastic fraction in the final sorting step. In combination with UniSort machines of the EVO 5.0 generation, UniSort Unibot is ready for the next generation of fully automated sorting systems.

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Customer opinions

Steinert Überbandmagnet -Recyclingtechnik

J.Binzegger managing director
Transport and recycling
DEBAG AG 8004 Zurich

You just enjoy doing your job because you are a good team in an exciting industry:

- therefore you are always available

- that's why you only sell machines that are good

- that's why you only produce systems that are good

- that's why you want the systems to run and are always there immediately if something breaks!

THEREFORE, the CUSTOMER buys FROM YOU, because as a customer you have the certainty that you are committed to the task until it runs and the billing is only as high as it was worked on and the system parts cost in the shopping market. Good job !!

Elektroschrottsortierung mwn, Aufbereitungsanlage

Adrian Scheiber
Site manager / managing director of Immark AG Schattdorf at Thommen Group

mwn is a young company that is very innovative and always on the cutting edge. The professional competence of the management as well as the whole crew is extremely high. Problems are solved within a very short time and new, innovative ideas are promoted at the same time.

The contact between mwn and the customers is professional and familiar at the same time. You feel surrounded by knowledge and negotiations are carried out in an uncomplicated and always goal-oriented manner. The customer comes first and this is also lived at mwn.

A structured company, a (literally) well-run business with a motivated team welcomes you to Wolfwil.

I wish the company the strength, the perseverance and the noticeable joy in the projects to continue working so innovatively and thank you for the valuable cooperation

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