Towards the end of 2007 two friends, Karl and Elias Nützi, had the idea to start their own business. After six months of planning, they were able to launch mwn GmbH in June 2008. Rented in a fully equipped workshop in the Bännli 10 industrial zone, the foundation was laid over the next 4 years to continue growing. It didn't take them long to expand and the two were even able to train their first apprentice.
After a short while it became clear that mwn needed to grow further so they took another step forward both in terms of personnel and real estate. In 2012 they were able to move into their own building at Bännlistrasse 6. At the present time (as of March 2020) there are 10 full-time employees in the company and an apprentice.
In the meantime, resources have become scarce again, and the construction of a new 3-story office building, a steel construction workshop / mechanical engineering and a cellar with large storage capacity have been completed.

Elias Nützi

Managing Director

and Owner

Karl Nützi

Board member

and Owner